Welcome to My FK52NOTE

Fk52notes is the leading company in the currency business, this is so because our notes are 100% original and undoubtedly undetectable by machine and passed all detection test. This notes can be used in banks, hotels, supermarkets and pass through the ATM.

FK52notes with collaboration with foreign investors, are currently carrying out foreign investments in the form of silent investor

We do sell Dollar notes, Euro notes, British pounds sterling notes. FK52notes sell SSD decoding Chemicals both powder and liquid, we sell coded dollar and Euro of different colours black, blue, green, and white. We sell money cleaning printing machine as the world evolve many don’t work for money, they print their own money they need both local and foreign notes. We also sell cleaning machines, we sell money decoding machines of various types.


A.Farhad : Thanks FK52notes and thanks Mr. Philip for making me a better person, all hopes were lost. I’m now CEO, thanks for your sponsorship of my project . A happy and prosperous new year to the FK52notes staffs

Vesna R.H: никога не мога да спра да благодаря на Бог, че ме запозна с вашата компания, не мога да кажа много тук
Благодаря ти, Филип, благодаря ти FK52notes

Givanas cosmetics: We are wishing you guys this best this 2022 and continue to thank God for making you guys come up with such an initiative